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Design for Fred 2005

concept: Liz Dubois

These hardwood blocks are screen-printed on all sides so you can make thousands of bizarre and amusing face combinations



Design for Chump Toys 2005

Collectible designer vinyl toy based on the artwork of Gary Taxali. Removable fez and key. Limited to an edition of 500 pieces. How sad.

Read a review of the toy HERE. And yes, there are people who actually review these things

A second, special edition was commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art and limited to 200 pieces. You can see that HERE.


Design for Club Earth 2003

Ding Bots are a set of eight balancing robots which nest in and stack in hundreds of different combinations. Inspired by the classic Bill Ding stacking clowns.


Design for Club Earth 2002

Rudy’s got a little problem. He doesn’t mean to rude, he was just designed that way. Pull off his head to reveal a chamber full of fun, flatulent noise putty. Insert your thumb, and let ’em rip. Rigid plastic construction

concept: Liz Dubois


Design for Club Earth 2002


Design for Club Earth 2001

This fun set of specs lets you see things from a fly’s perspective (at least like they show it in the movies). Tinted compound lenses can be turned with the tip of your finger to create wild kaleidoscopic effects. Do not wear while operating heavy machinery.